Psychological evaluation, assessment and

treatment (individual & group)

Please Note

Our referral process has changed.

You can refer (self or GP) to the AMHS Triage Team who will determine if being seen at TPC is suitable for you (P: 07 834 6902, F: 07 834 6900, E:  

Additionally, you can contact the Centre (p: 07 846 6907 or e: to find out what current options are available.

Client work at the Centre is undertaken by a number of different clinicians, from Intern Psychologists to Fully Qualified Clinical Psychologists.

Intern Psychologists are Registered Health Practitioners under the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act (2003).

Most of our Interns are on six month placements, which means it is possible that clients who require longer-term intervention may have to work with more than one therapist during the course of their treatment.

Our Interns are closely supervised. One way that we do this is to videotape some clinical sessions, with the client’s consent. Fully Registered staff don't use video recording.

These videotapes are usually viewed only by the supervisor, and are immediately erased. Under some circumstances the Interns are required to present their work for examination on their training programme (University of Waikato). If this is the case we will always inform their clients and obtain client consent. We are unlikely to accept a referral for a client who does not consent to occasional sessions being taped for supervision purposes. Clients do not have to consent to material about them being used for examination purposes.

In common with other health service providers we are required to supply data about our work to the Ministry of Health.
This is linked to individual National Health Identification numbers (NHI) and not directly to client names and addresses. The data supplied relates to service entry/discharge dates and attendance. No clinical data is requested or provided.
The Code of Health & Disability Services Consumers' Rights
The Psychology Centre delivers services in a way which is consistent with the Code of Consumers’ Rights outlined by New Zealand’s Health & Disability Commission.  For more information about your Rights click the links for the Code in English orMaori, or go to the H&D Commission’s website by clicking the link below.

A national network of independent health and disability advocates is available to assist you if, (a) you need assistance to understand your rights, or (b) you believe that there has been a breach of your rights. They can be contacted on a freephone number 0800-555-050, or by emailing

The Centre has multiple functions, i.e., clinical service delivery, consultation, clinical supervision, training and education, programme development, and research (applied and applicable).
While we do engage in these activities as individual pursuits we have a distinct preference for spending our time on tasks that meet more than one of these objectives. For example, clinical service delivery that can also meet a training and research goal, or consultation through supervision that assists in programme development and service evaluation
Many of the services provided at the Centre are delivered by Intern Psychologists under supervision.
..or by our qualified and experienced clinical psychologists in collaboration with the students.
Code of Ethics For Psychologists Working in Aotearoa/New Zealand
All psychology staff and students at The Psychology Centre adhere to the Code of Ethics of our profession. You can find out more about our Code of Ethics from the New Zealand Psychologists Board.
Fees and Waiting Times

We charge a fee for clients who are not seen under an existing contract, e.g., ACC, Waikato DHB, etc.

Although the Centre receives funding from a number of sources it is still necessary for us to obtain additional income by charging clients who use our clinical services. We need to do this to pay our operational expenses, and to fund ongoing training and research activities.

Current Fees for non-contract (private & package-of-care) cases:

Individual                   Group           
Qualified staff $160+GST                      $55+GST
Organisational Rate  $180+GST

Intern Psychologist

Practicum Student






Please call to enquire about our current waiting times.

Client Referrals

If you are seeking to refer a client, please take time to read the ‘Please Note‘ section above.

Prior to starting work with a client we will help them to review and sign our Client Services Agreement. This Agreement documents our undertaking and commitment to them, and their acceptance of the terms of our service. You can download a copy of the Client Services Agreement here.

If you have any questions or comments about our services please contact the Centre (p: 07 846 6907 or e:

 (NOTE – The referral form is temporarily unavailable, but will be back in the New Year). 

204 Hillcrest Rd, Hillcrest
Hamilton, NZ

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